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Specialist in anxiety, depression and self esteem

'When you stop trying to change others and start working on changing yourself, the world changes for the better'


Joanna Dreher - Personal Consultant

MBACP, AICTP, Bsc (Hons) Psychology, PGDip Integrative Counselling and Coaching (Distinction), MSc Integrative Counselling and Coaching.

My consulting room in the heart of the City of London

My experience at a glance:

  • Masters degree in Counselling and coaching
  • First degree in Psychology
  • Over 20 years of experience working in an organisation to Vice President level.
  • Over 20 years experience of working with mindfulness and personal development techniques
  • Published writer on Thrive Global
  • Director of Organisational Wellbeing Limited Company
  • Co-founder of low cost counselling and wellbeing charity in East London
  • Personal Consultant (coach therapist)

I am a qualified personal consultant which combines the two disciplines of coaching and counselling. My clinical approach is integrative (Humanistic, psychodynamic, CBT, Gestalt, Solution focused) . I believe that coaches should be psychologically trained in order to work at all levels with their clients (see Executive Coaching section below)  I researched corporate mental health and coaching support  for my masters degree. Based in the City of London, I offer clients a warm, supportive, confidential space to explore and resolve their current issues and to explore future orientated goals in a coaching context.

My previous career was built in the fast moving, time pressured commodities markets, where I began to pursue my passion of helping people to facilitate change. My experience within a corporate role informs my coaching practice and I enjoy helping clients build self esteem, learn stress management techniques and build effective ways of working in their personal and professional lives.

Aside from my working life, I have spent over 20 years on a journey of self- discovery which has allowed me to explore various techniques and practices to overcome self-limiting beliefs, build appropriate boundaries and hold them and develop self belief. Some of my work with clients is borne out of their need to have a deep connection to themselves and others and due to the pressures of modern day life they feel disconnected from a sense of their purpose. 

Therefore I can work with clients on many levels - be it coaching for career goals or self confidence, to counselling for depression and anxiety to personal development work on deep inner beliefs and blockages - I hold these spaces for my clients. I have in-depth experience of anxiety, depression and confidence issues. I also specialise in childhood distress and can advise on mindfulness techniques and practices.

My clients come from all walks of life - city professionals, charity workers, education leaders, domestic goddesses - but all have one goal - the desire for change and growth in their lives.

I work with both corporate and private clients - please see "Corporate Work' page for details of my Directorship of Blackwood Consultants. I also co founded a low cost counselling charity in East London.

I am a registered member of the BACP and the AICTP  and abide by their code of ethics and am fully insured.

What is a Personal Consultant

A Personal Consultant is someone who is trained to combine integrative counselling  and coaching. This allows the client to make changes in both their inner and outer world. There Is move within the governing bodies and forward thinking professionals towards integration of therapeutic and coaching skills - See AICTP ( Association of Integrated Coach Therapists) Research has shown that post intervention levels are lower than those undertaking a purely humanistic approach.

My training allows me to offer a bespoke service to my clients as I can work with different techniques to fit the unique requirements of every client. I can work on all your timelines -past, present and future.

'Growth is painful. Change is painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck in somewhere you don't belong'

Executive Coaching

What is executive coaching?

Simply put - executive coaching is a conversation between coach and client that moves the client forward

Executive coaching is a term used to describe a process that helps people attain goals they wish to achieve

What is the difference between executive coaching and coaching?

Executive coaching is often seen as a tool for professionals to improve work performance and sustain work/life balance. However you do not have to hold a senior position for those goals to become part of the way you wish to live. You may currently hold a junior position and want to jump up the ladder - or want to start your own business or improve your confidence. There are many reasons why coaching can help - the process is the same - we explore your goals and your current experience and work together to move you towards a place where you want to be.

My experience

  • You want to feel less anxiety in your life
  • You want to feel more confident
  • You want to ensure that your heart is in line with your head
  • You want to find joy in your life
  • You want to work at promotion
  • You want to learn to speak in public
  • You want clarity of vision
  • You want to have more positive thoughts or get rid of negative ones
  • You want better relationships
  • You want to learn to value yourself
  • You want to stop procrastinating
  • You want to feel motivated
  • You want to find your passion

These are a few of the many issues that I address in session. If there is a goal you wish to attain - I can help you find strategies to move you there.

Why your coach should be therapeutically trained ?

  • 72% of coaches perceive a mental health issue in their clients but many do not have the training to help the client.
  • When a client hits a personal issue during the coaching process, progress towards goal outcomes are often halted or any changes made are often only surface deep. In order to make long lasting change any personal issues would need to be addressed in a therapeutic manner.
  • If a coach does not understand their clients emotional infrastructure, mistakes may be made which is irresponsible to the client

'The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling'

How can I help?

I offer personal consultancy and executive coaching for individuals and corporates.

Life can be overwhelming sometimes. I understand that sometimes we find ourselves in a position where we can feel confused, afraid or unable to see a resolution - we become stuck, bogged down in our own worlds.

If you are looking for change, I can help you by working with you to find your own solutions and create new ways of being. I can also help with spiritual and existential issues, exploring your desire for growth and supporting you whilst you undergo deep, long lasting change.

Together we can create goals, that might a first be small, but  they will be the building blocks to the way you wish to live. We can delve deeper if needed, to look at what's happening in your inner world, healing pain from your past and rebalancing unhelpful belief systems and limitations to bring real, visible and lasting change in your outer world.

I am particularly interested in clients who have self esteem issues, feel stuck, anxious or depressed or wish to explore their spirituality or are looking for growth. I am experienced in inner child techniques.  I can also help if you are feeling overworked, stressed and have lost enjoyment of life.

Having changed the landscape of my own life considerably - I can use that depth of experience to offer those tools to you.

Techniques are drawn from a wide range of therapeutic and solution focused training.

I believe that we create our own limiting boundaries and given the right help, we can surprise ourselves in what we can achieve. I want that for my clients.

If this resonates with you and you want to make a change, please call me or email me and arrange a no obligation discussion.

Lets change the road ahead

'Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations'

Other services

Coaching by telephone or skype

Sometimes, due to distance or family and work commitments, clients cannot come and see me in person. Some people prefer to talk from the comfort of their own home or office. 

For those clients I can offer my services by telephone or skype  - I also offer packages for these services. Please see the 'Fees' page for details These sessions last for 50 minutes - I have found a lot can be achieved in that time and longer time spent communicating via an electronic device is not beneficial.

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