Corporate Wellbeing and Coaching in Central London

Helping employers and employees

Aside from my private practice, I am a Director of Blackwood Consultants Ltd. Blackwood was formed in order to address a need in the City of London with regards to mental health support. 
Research shows that the effects of poor mental health support in the workplace affect everyone - employees, employers and the economy, yet companies stick to the same formats in their support offerings. A lot of my private clients already have access to therapy in their workplace but don't take it. At Blackwood we believe that Personal Consultancy is the way forward - integrating coaching with counselling encompasses a more inclusive learning approach that can benefit all - please see my article on LinkedIn for further information by clicking here. We also offer coaching and coaching packages for executives, charity executive, women working in a corporate environment amongst others.
At Blackwood we are the support service for forward thinking companies and for individual executives - either self referred or referred by their employers. We offer a discreet, bespoke service that supports the whole client. If you are an HR Manager or corporate decision maker that wishes to provide cutting edge support to your employees, or an individual looking for the depth and breadth of support that Personal Consultancy can offer - click here to view Blackwood Consultants website.
If you are looking for support through a corporate or business organisation - you can also contact me through this site. I am happy to act on a consultant basis. corporate wellbeing corporate coaching